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Make Money With Online Sales

Are you lying on the sofa, watching box sets and eating ice cream, while your online products fly off the virtual shelf?
A perfect day dream you think… but wait a minute, that dream can be a reality. Firstly, do you have a great product? It always helps. Then, who are you going to sell it to? You can’t target everyone at this point, the scatter gun effect rarely works – see article ‘A Proven Way to Attract More Customers’. Only when you have defined your target audience and where they are most active online can you start your social media marketing to make new sales.

It just needs some time and thought

And there are some great options available for your product/service. You can set up a Facebook shop, try your hand at Facebook advertising. And have you thought about Instagram, which currently has 200 million monthly active users and is rapidly growing? And as well as selling via a social media platform, you can also direct customers to your website.

Once you’ve decided on the best online option, look at what works most effectively on that platform. Research best practices and ways to attract attention. Video posts are a great way of catching the eye of your audience, and combining them as part of an advertising campaign makes your marketing truly powerful.

Make sure when people are purchasing your product/service from the website that the post with the web link shows the correct image. And, if possible, run through the sales process yourself. It should be smooth and seamless with as few clicks as possible.

There’s a lot to consider, but it is doable. It just needs some time and thought. If you’re lacking time, then talk it through with me – this is what we specialise in.

We can give you some free pointers, and if you need a bit of help in getting it all together then we can chat about how we can support you. Right, now where did I put that ice cream?