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Building Brand Awareness

Having your product or service featured in a magazine can create amazing brand awareness leading to new sales and clients.

Maybe you could even get an article about yourself in a glossy magazine. But wait, cue record scratch, that only happens when you have time to network at fancy dos in London, right?

Well, not entirely. These days, the Ab Fab PR lunches aren’t quite so frequent and a good journalist worth their salt is more likely to be found researching on their laptop and creating online relationships for prospective stories. And there is no reason why their next story shouldn’t be about you and your amazing product.

So how do you go about this? Start with creating a list of what sort of magazine you would like to be featured in. Which ones? Who writes for them? What online profiles do they use? And, most importantly, what is it about you that they should write about? Then showcase your online profile, making it relevant to your target publication. Update your header image, add interesting videos, pin your relevant tweet, spend time sprucing it up, give it a proper flannel over the face and behind the ears. And when your online profile is as smart as a carrot, then you’re ready to start making contact.

These days, the Ab Fab PR lunches aren’t quite so frequent

Begin by following the relevant magazines and journalists on their most active online profiles. Now here’s the important bit; don’t immediately sell yourself to them, which is the equivalent of walking up to a stranger and French kissing them – that is not OK. Instead, start liking their posts and making interesting comments where appropriate, join in on conversations where you have something to say. It’s more of a casual hello, a nod of the head. You don’t want to appear like a stalker, that’s not cool.

Now the next stage is to move it from online to offline. This is very much dependent on the relationship you have built up. Perhaps send them a great video of your product? Maybe go to the conference that you know the company will be attending? Perhaps you might be a speaker at the same industry conference? You need to find that opportunity to move the relationship from social media into the real world. They already know about the online you, now is the time for them to get to know the rest of you.

And if you don’t have the time to manage the above then give us a call, relationship building is one of our areas of expertise.

Now where’s that Hello magazine? Let’s see what other people have worn for their photoshoot so we can decide on your outfit.