Get New Customers Feature

Are you looking to expand in the coming months? That’s great news! Here are six tips to attract new customers so your pipeline is always full.

Look after your existing customers

What can you offer them to retain them? Do you have a discount offer on future purchase? If your existing customers introduce new customers to you, do you offer them a commission or a bunch of flowers to say thank you? If someone leaves you a great review, how do you thank them? Just a simple email or card will suffice, it really is the thought that counts.

Freshen up your image

Ask someone external to your business for their honest opinion. Is your website or logo tired looking? Is your signage dusty and dated? Rebranding doesn’t have to mean big bucks. However, make sure your brand stands out from the crowd. You need to be proud when you hand out your business card or direct people to your website.

Social Advertising

Long gone are the days of printing flyers and distributing leaflets. Advertising online is an inexpensive, measurable way of getting your product or services in front of the noses of your target audience. Want to sell to women 35-45 who are interested in pets? Look at the Facebook Advertising route. They even offer free training to get you up and running.  Looking to attract CEOs that are based in England? Then LinkedIn will be your weapon of choice. And Google AdWords are still effective for customers that search online for your services.

Get in the news

Try to get coverage in your local paper or trade press. You will need a newsworthy story, or you could put yourself forward as an expert to comment on your industry. Network, network, network. Go to where your prospective clients hang out. Trade events, exhibitions, networking groups and speak to as many people as possible. Get involved in local business associations and events. Perhaps closer involvement in your local community would be good for your business? Online networking can also generate sales. Get that LinkedIn profile up to date, it’s not just for people looking for work.

Find new sales channels

Maybe it’s time to start selling online, if you aren’t already. This could enable you to reach many more customers and to sell round the clock and worldwide. Set targets. To judge how successful your new business drive has been, you’ll need benchmark goals. For example, you might aim to attract enough new customers to increase profit by 10% over 12 months. Remember to keep your targets realistic.

And if you’d like to talk through your strategy and ways to grow your business, then contact us.